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Te Jutsu • Aiki Jutsu • Ju Jutsu • Buki Jutsu • Karate •
Self-Defence  Confidence  Fitness • Flexibility

Manukau Martial Arts Associations affiliated clubs/dojos offer a mixture of martial arts for children, teens, women and men of all ages and abilities. We are primarily Self-Defence schools, we don't do sport or tournaments.
We give out results not medals.  We do recommend taking 2 free lessons at the clubs listed below!




Manukau club opened in 2009 and has been operating for 13 years as a Self-Defence school but we still teach much of the traditional martial art history and terminology.
Kids classes involve falling, rolling, striking and some non-striking defence moves.
Classes available Monday & Wednesday night, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday afternoons.
Click the badge to visit our Heian Dojo in Everglade Drive Manukau to find out more about this club and Timetables. 

Our syllabus draws from the following styles to give a full, well-rounded self defence system 

Te Jutsu   Chinese Wing Tsun based hand & feet striking

Aiki Jutsu  Japanese style Balance taking & Joint manipulation

Ju Jutsu  Japanese style Holds, Locks & Restraints. Ground defence 

Karate  Japanese style striking and kicking

Buki Jutsu  Weapons self-defence. Medium stick, short stick, knife, wooden sword

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Papakura club is brand new and opened late 2022 specialising in striking and joint manipulation arts of Te Jutsu and Aiki Jutsu. Their instructor has 16 years experience in martial arts and is an ex ASDA instructor.
Classes available Monday & Thursday for adults only.
Click the badge to visit our Te Do Dojo in Fernaig Ave Papakura to find out more about this club and Timetables. 

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