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Available on request from dojo

Dojo Shop - Ask sensei about any items listed, many are already stocked, some items we may need to order in.
  30 sold!  
My Budo Book of Enlightenment - only available through our club. Limited Edition 60 copies

Dedicated to all the martial artists of all the styles.

The teachers, the philosophers and most importantly 

- the students.

Available while stocks last $15.00
plus postage 

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Enlightenment book ad.jpg

Click image to download a low resolution PDF of sample pages.

Te Jutsu junior striped colour belt
Bu Jutsu Solid colour belt
white Tejutsu belt
yellow Tejutsu belt
orange Tejutsu belt
green Tejutsu belt
blue Tejutsu belt
purple Tejutsu belt
red Tejutsu belt
brown Tejutsu belt
For kids 5-11 years and Colts 12-16
tied white belt
tied yellow belt
tied orange belt
tied green belt
tied blue belt
tied purple belt
tied red belt
tied brown belt
tied brown belt 1stripe
tied brown belt 2stripe
tied black white stripe belt
tied black belt 1 stripe
tied black belt 2 stripe
tied black belt 3 stripe
Adults 17 years+
Core Blue 9oz karate drill Gi (uniform)
Set price includes Jacket, pants + belt, 1x badge
Size 000   $72   4yo
Size 00     $74   5yo
Size 0      $76   6yo
Size 1      $78   7-8yo
Size 2      $82   8-9yo
Size 3      $84   9-12yo
Size 4      $90   teen
Size 5      $96   adult
Size 6      $98   large
Set price includes Jacket, pants, 1x badge
Heavy-weight 100% Brushed Cotton  
Jitsu/Aikido Gi - 9oz pants
Size 4     $160   teen
Size 5     $170   adult
Size 6     $180   large
 size 1 
 size 0 
 size 3 
2023 black Tee crop.jpg
2023 Club branded BLACK Tee
Vinyl Printed yearly - pre-orders only.
2023 white Tee back.jpg
Club branded Dragon Hoodie
Kids 6 8 10 12 16
Adults S M L XL 2XL XXXL
Sparring mits redblue.jpg
Sparring Mitts   S  M  L  XL
2021 Club branded white Tees. Screen Printed 2 colour.
Black 10 yr version only 1 small size left
Old stock screen printed kids training Tees available in white
Sizes S Youth - M Adult  end of stock
rattan bamboo kali sticks.jpg
 $48.00 pair 
Rattan bamboo Kali sticks set of 2
Plastic training knife.jpg
Plastic training knife
Wooden tanto.jpg
Wooden Tanto
Taiwanese redwood bokken.jpg
Taiwanese redwood Bokken
Japanese hardwood Bokken
Aikido Jo - short staff 
Taiwanese White Oak
se Hardwood
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