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Terms & Conditions

Annual Registration Fee

The Yearly Registration decreases year by year for long service. This fee is chargeable after the 1st month of a students start date. Non-refundable after 6 months.

Class Fees

The first 2 trial classes are FREE, after that subsequent classes are Payable in Advance - classes can be paid on the day in cash or pre-paid in advance by direct credit. Our classes are Pay-as-you-Go so you only pay for classes you attend. We use a concession card to record your attendance and bulk pre-pay classes. 


Gradings are done after completion of a set number of hours - the more hours you attend per month the faster you will grade. Credit hours may be added to students who excel or have done other types of martial arts at other clubs.
Gradings are included in your class fees but fees and registration must be paid in full before any gradings are awarded. You will also receive a new belt upon a successful grading or assessment.


We don't do politics of any kind - we don't care if you also attend other clubs for cross-training, if you already own a uniform you may train with us wearing your own Gi - we do prefer that you eventually buy the correct colour uniform and wear our club badge but this choice is yours.

Everyone is accepted and is equal the second you step through the door. Besides the fact that there are men, women and children in our classes we do not discriminate with any race or religion or gender but we are a martial arts club - your belt rank is the only consideration we take into account. We do not promote any religion or or any inclusion policies - as far as we are concerned you are a uniform with a colour graded belt and we are here to teach you martial arts and self defence. Leave your Shoes, your Ego and your Entitlements at the door.

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