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Manukau's 2 newest yellow belts

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Semi and Blair enjoy a training rivalry and have just graded to yellow belt in Bu Jutsu.

Semi joined us after finding about our club online. Some of our techniques require some agility and flexibilty but it didn't stop him from jumping right in and having a go.

Design with Ease

“Well done guys. Hope this is the beginning of a fun and exciting journey for you both. - sensei”

Blair joined us after finally trying a class and watching his 4 kids have all the fun. Having one daughter and three sons all at red belt level only makes them the seniors on the mat, once they get home Dad is the boss again.

Keen to try a class?

The hardest part about any martial art is taking that first step into the dojo. It's much easier than think and the classes and people are there to help you along at your own pace - remember WE were all white belts ourselves once.

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